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Justin Pearson

Founder & CEO

As Founder & CEO of Mission Box Solutions, Justin brings Grit, Determination, and a Battle-like Competitive Spirit. He is a Visionary leader who has been noted as Inspiring, Humble, and Confident. He excels in Recruiting, Talent Acquisition, Marketing, Sales, and Building Teams & Relationships. 


With over 12 years of recruiting management experience, Justin has built, developed, and grown military talent programs & pipeline through brand attraction, sourcing & recruiting efforts, social marketing efforts, VSO & national partnerships, military base programs, and nationwide events helping thousands of veterans and military spouses find careers.

K. Pearson

Co-Founder & President

As Co-Founder & President of Mission Box Solutions, K. brings Strategy, Research & Development, and a Growth Mindset. She is an avid reader, gardener, homesteader, and homemaker.

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Samantha Sanders

Senior Full Desk, IT Recruiter

Samantha is a Sr. Full Desk IT Recruiter and military spouse with 10+ years of experience in all aspects of sales and marketing that makes her an asset in attracting top talent to companies. She is passionate about helping candidates find the right job and personally coaches them through each step of the interview process to help build confidence and teach them how to best showcase their skills and personality.

Alex Mims

Full Desk, IT Recruiter

Alex is a Full Desk IT Recruiter specializing in Information Technology and Professional Services. He brings 13 years of relationship building experience while serving in various positions in the United States Air Force. Alex has a deep understanding of business development and marketing which has impacted the many clients he has served. His passion is helping top tier candidates find that "hell yeah, this is what I'm meant to do” career.

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Jacob Cutlip

Full Desk, IT Recruiter

Jacob is a Full Desk IT Recruiter and  had worked primarily blue collar jobs as he had always preferred to make a living with his hands. Thanks to a good friend he now has the opportunity to bring his blue collar work ethic to Recruiting. He always wanted to work for the benefit of others in all of my jobs. As a Full Desk, Information Technology Recruiter he can do so by helping people find the right job to support themselves and their families.

Stephan Porter

Senior Full Desk, Healthcare Recruiter

Stephan is a Senior Full Desk, Healthcare Recruiter. Since leaving the Army in 2019, after 32 years, he now serves the Greater Military Community through multiple business and volunteer efforts. Most notably as a Senior Full-Desk recruiter for MBS!

Stephan’s greatest passion is eliminating Military suicides and he impacts this through active support of various alliances, support organizations, and multiple regional networking groups; to grow connectivity within the Military Community and to companies, he helps to be Military-Ready and provide hope for a future.

With 25+ years of leadership, logistics, and operations experience in the Army Medical Department, coupled with his passion to support his fellow Military Community, fits well within the vision and focus of MBS to link companies in need of Talent with Military Communities in need of viable careers.

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