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Tina Nicholson

16+ years in Information Technology.  The last 12 in IT Recruitment for companies like GE, Collins Aerospace, Google and Citrix.  I love connecting people & their purpose to a new career! Engaging candidates in mutually beneficial rewarding relationships with lasting success.  My experience has taught me that anyone's professional value comes down to: 

Self-motivation, resilience, determination, perseverance, hard work, team building and a win-win attitude! It is not about your job title. 

Samantha Sanders

Samantha is a Sr. Full Desk IT Recruiter and military spouse with 10+ years of experience in all aspects of sales and marketing that makes her an asset in attracting top talent to companies. She is passionate about helping candidates find the right job and personally coaches them through each step of the interview process to help build confidence and teach them how to best showcase their skills and personality.

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Alex is a Full Desk Recruiter specializing in Information Technology and Professional Services. He brings 13 years of relationship building experience while serving in various positions in the United States Air Force. Alex has a deep understanding of business development and marketing which has impacted the many clients he has served. His passion is helping top tier candidates find that "hell yeah, this is what I'm meant to do” career.