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5 Reasons Your Perfect Candidate Ghosted You

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Plus, five fixes to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Imagine you have a great candidate. They check off all the boxes, and you clicked during the interview, but then - poof - they ghost you and stop all communication. Now you have to start the search over again.

There are many reasons why great candidates may "ghost" you during the interview process or don’t even apply at all. Here are some of the top 5 reasons why candidates drop out of the process.

1. Crickets…

You cannot define your company's culture by what you advertise on billboards or your customers say. It's defined by your employees, and if they aren't raving about it, candidates will steer clear. Check out reviews on Glassdoor and social media sites for feedback from employees and candidates.

Fix: Reward and redefine

Job seekers get a sense of what it's like to work at your company from your website and reviews (and how you respond), so you can't be silent. Respond to reviews and feedback. Kick out toxic managers and improve areas where teams are overworked or burnt out.

2. Word Spreads

Less than half of employees are "highly likely" to recommend their current employer. Friends don't just hit up their friends for referrals. They also want the inside scoop about what’s going on, like knowing which house gives out the best candy on Halloween. Is your company a full-size candy bar house, or are you handing out toothbrushes?

Fix: Honest communication

Encourage your employees to provide feedback anonymously, if possible, so there is no blowback. Fishbowl is a great site to engage employees anonymously in an honest discussion about company culture, where you're succeeding, and where you're failing. You'll show them you care about them by listening to them, and they may refer you to others.

3. Opportunity Knocked: They landed a better job

Almost 60% of the most satisfied employees are actively looking for a better job or are open to one. Happy workers can still be lured away by the promise of a better job. You may lose people to the interview process if your current employees don't stay with you or if your interview process is overly long. Your company's work conditions may be "better," but if they don’t see how they’ll grow, people will be scared to work there.

Fix: Improved training for employees

Every employee has a unique path and should be nurtured and developed appropriately. If they’re not being set up for successful growth - they'll be looking for a new role. Managers need to be trained to be good listeners and problem-solvers in order to recognize employees who are overworked, dissatisfied, or disengaged so that they can increase employee satisfaction, engagement, and advancement.

4. Poor Benefits

Benefits packages are a lot like shopping for car insurance. Many employees are satisfied with their employer's benefits until they look at other companies' offerings. Your "good benefits package" may not be that great anymore.

Fix: Offer the best benefits you can

You can make a benefits package that is alluring enough to attract and retain top talent, even if you cannot offer a better healthcare package. Find out what your competitors are offering and find ways to match or beat their offer. Offer signing bonuses (no strings attached), more PTO, flex schedules, and other perks to help make your package more appealing and competitive.

5. Still coming up empty?

When it comes to fair pay, employers' performance is enormous. If you don't practice salary transparency or benchmark salaries, job seekers will skip out during the interview process if you offer a low salary.

Fix: Salary transparency

Post salary ranges on the job boards. It’s also necessary to tell management that their low offer is causing qualified candidates to leave for other companies that offer more money and are more open to compensation transparency.

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