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6 Tips to Writing Job Ads: Attract the Right Candidates

Updated: Apr 4

How to optimize your job posting for the ideal candidates.

There are roughly 10 million job openings in the United States, but only about 8.6 million unemployed people. The supply of good workers, and even less actively looking for work, is scarce relative to the number of job opportunities. With so many job postings out there and not enough people to fill them, employers wonder how to attract the best job seekers beginning their job search.

Recruitment has never been more competitive than today. With so many choices, people spend less time at businesses and more time searching for their “ideal job.” Most people today want more than just a “job” they want a vocation they love, work they can enjoy, and a mission that has real significance.

To guarantee that your job posting stands out, you need to attract candidates with an appeal to the heart, soul, and/or wallet of your ideal prospects. Let’s dive into how to create an effective job advertisement!

Know The Purpose of Your Job Posting

Any job posting that you post and promote should function to:

  • Draw, appeal, and communicate to the right candidates

  • Dissuade candidates unsuitable for the role

  • Illustrate a positive image of your organization

  • Adhere to legislation surrounding discrimination

  • Deliver obvious instructions on what candidates should do next

Start with the Basics

Many may seem somewhat obvious, but you’d be amazed at what gets missed when people focus on things to customize their postings. Be sure to include the following:

  • Job title.

  • Job description.

  • Location (or Remote)

  • Company name (or concise description, if confidential).

  • Salary.

  • Fundamental skills.

  • Call to action.

  • Contact information.

Define and Sell the Opportunity

When writing a job posting for your company, make sure to describe it so that the prospect can envision a routine day in that position’s role.

If there are any necessary skills or knowledge that might take a candidate by surprise, make sure you include them. When you are detailed in the requirements, you filter out people speculating about what the job entails and save yourself time in finding the best applicant.

Next, you need to persuade candidates that this is the best opportunity for them. Why should a candidate decide to apply to your job rather than another?

This is where you should convey the unique and substantial benefits and advantages of working in this position and/or for your company. Include any perks, benefits, equipment, and time off you’re offering.

Do some research to know what benefits job seekers are prioritizing. If many prospects are hoping for a remote role, consider offering telecommuting with a flexible work schedule.

Another benefit you should include is the culture of your company. Most job seekers want to know they will work for people who respect and appreciate them. They’ll most likely look on job board websites like Glassdoor to see what it’s like to work at your company.

Finally, emphasize your company’s values and missions so that the candidate knows what kind of employer you are. Be sure to highlight the important work and value you offer the world as an enterprise.

Properly Market Your Job Posting

Be sure to consider searchability when creating and phrasing your advertisement. Writing excellent content for your job advert might be satisfying, but your work might not get the exposure it deserves if you forget to regard key search terms.

Candidates will search for specific job titles on Google and Linkedin, so if you say ‘Wordsmith Genius” rather than ‘Senior Copywriter’, you might miss the people looking for the job you’ve posted! Consider the balance between fun and practicality to create an effective posting and attract the candidates you need.

If you want to stand out, an infographic could be the way forward. These tend to perform better on social media, but you could also share them on recruitment websites and your own site.

If you want more information check out this article: The Job Advertisement Reconstructed: Infographic Style

Finish with a Call to Action

To complete your job posting, make it obvious what they need to do NEXT. How exactly do they apply?

Make sure your contact information or the next step in the application is obvious wherever the job posting is located.

Work with a Recruiter to Optimize

Recruiters at Mission Box Solutions know both sides of the employer/candidate dynamic in job opportunities and job seekers. We can help to optimize your marketing strategies for the roles you need to be filled!

Contact us to learn how you can upgrade your approaches to find and attract the right people.

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