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3 Ways To Include Gen Z In Your Recruiting Strategy

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Learn what young people are looking for in companies today.

As Baby Boomers grow older and out of the workforce, Gen Z moves in looking for honest pay, flexible work, great benefits, and uplifting work cultures.

When it involves recruiting Gen Z, you want to move above and beyond what you’ve done in the past. That consists of showcasing what’s your unique culture and using different ways to grab the attention of your ideal candidate profile (ICP).

They are innovative and ethically minded and grew up surrounded by technology at their fingertips more than any other generation, so they have lots to offer. They value their future over money.

So how do you recruit Gen Z? Here are three tips:

Enhance Your Benefits

The essential wants and needs of humans haven't changed. Some traditional benefits, like PTO, a 401k, and good healthcare coverage, are still in demand.

But when you're explicitly recruiting Generation Z, you have to keep in mind things that aren't always trendy, like:

  • Mental health days

  • Community-building activities

  • A positive workplace

  • Flexibility

  • Healthcare that's gender-affirming

  • Parental leave

Your company can also stand out if it offers your employees access to specific fitness resources. You could, for instance, cover the fees of a reproductive psychiatrist to give help to women dealing with IVF or fertility struggles.

Your people will feel more heard and appreciated if you focus on their specific needs instead of handing them standard benefits.

Promote a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Having said that, we've already mentioned that money isn't the main reason Gen Z will take a job. Granted, a decent wage is essential. But, most people in today's younger generation want to work for a company they believe in and gives them purpose.

You can start by writing an inclusive process description. 77% of Gen Zers want their company to support diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The next generation is driven by everything from recognition and inclusion to moral practices (like sustainability). By selling yourself as a company with a heart (and a mission), you're more likely to get their attention.

The more you rally people around a challenge, the more engaged they'll be.

Millennials and Gen Zers also value time and freedom more than past generations. But selling flexible, remote, and hybrid art is a big draw for them.

Post remote jobs, allow employees to come in only some days a week, or encourage flex work hours and more breaks (without too much overtime).

You'll get many more qualified resumes if you create an environment where your employees can experience their lives outside work.

Incorporate networking opportunities, remote positions, and your culture into your marketing. Gen Z wants to be part of an environment where networking and connections are important. Even though they're running miles apart, they need to feel like they're part of a network that grows together.

Take a different approach to Recruiting

Posting a job on an online job board isn't enough anymore. Sure, you'll get lots of responses, but you're unlikely to get the applicants you want.

Recruiting millennials and Gen Z means using various specific systems to increase your reach.

When marketing your job openings to Gen Zers, it’s essential to use social media. They use social media for job research, and they are much more likely to use it to find a job.

Marketing jobs on social media isn't as hard as you think.

Select the channels that best represent your brand (and audience). Gen Zers aren't as big on Facebook as on Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok. So keep that in mind.

If you follow some fundamental ideas with your listing, you'll benefit from more interest no matter which channel you use:

  • Use keywords

  • Get creative and strategic

  • Be transparent and specific about the role

Plus, posting jobs on social media lets you contact people immediately, answer any questions instantly, and better understand who's applying—minimizing the hiring process!

Are you using these tips in your hiring strategy? Contact us to learn how we can help improve your recruiting marketing for young people today!

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